Know That Your Students
are Safe to Return

Proven, Credible COVID-19 Re-entry Solution for Higher Ed

GuideSafe is the engine helping universities across the State of Alabama, including the University of Alabama, navigate campus re-entry.
The GuideSafe solution was developed by a team of experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), the 4th largest academic medical center in the U.S., and has already been fully vetted by Legal, HR, and the Institutional Review Board at UAB.

The Fastest Path to In-Person Learning


COVID-19 assessment—CDC guideline-based symptom and status check
Assess COVID-19 risk using a short, CDC guideline-driven quiz


Individual results rendered immediately
Have immediate access to results—a green-light/checkmark for go or a red light/”x” for risk

Campus Access

Risk-mitigated access to classrooms and campus facilities
Use green-light results for entry into class, common areas, and events

Lower Risk and Increase Engagement

College officials have learned important lessons about managing the pandemic. Concerns over lower enrollment, canceled classes and sporting events, widespread Zoom fatigue, and frustration over high-dollar tuition for remote education are pushing colleges to rethink their approach to in-person learning.
GuideSafe delivers the technology support for the processes and policies that are helping bring students back in the spring. It lowers the risk of your campus becoming the next “hot spot.” And it is enabled by a proven blueprint for implementation and compliance.

The Process is Simple

Two Weeks to Campus Life

Implementation takes less than two weeks, requires no IT lift, and is supported by communication and training templates that can be branded and customized to your institution.

The solution can be logoed to your school to provide a consistent, cohesive, and branded experience.

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